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    Waterway Pumps

    2HP Executive Euro

    56 Frame, 2" Suction

    Waterway pump known as the Executive Euro

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    Aqua Flo Circulation Pumps

    Standard and Hi-Flo.


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    Hotspring Heaters Circuit Boards

    Jets and Pillows

    Hotspring Parts.

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    Gecko and AEWare

    Spa Packs, Control Panels

    Heaters and Bundles

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  • £649.00

    Hotspring circuit board for replacing your IQ board if your spa was manufactured Post-2002. If the 2 Thermsitors from the heater plug directly onto your current (broken) circuit board, this is all you need since your Thermsitors will also plug directly onto this replacement. Since this board replaces all IQ circuit boards since 2002, this will of course...

  • £122.16

    Complete assembly including sensors and seals for Balboa plastic boxes. Part number 58118

  • £206.44

    Side discharge circulation pump (Common) ORIGINAL Aqua Flo brand. This is the standard power pump. There is also the higher power pump from Aqua Flo (identifiable with the electrical box on the side of the motor) see other products. We will beat any price in Europe on these pumps.

  • £189.74

    NEW circ pump from Laing - the Ecocirc consumes 40% less energy. The MOST Common Laing in Europe. 230v dual frequency 50/60hz 3/4" water connections. SM-959-NHW-26

  • £764.75

    This system can operate: • Blower, One-speed • Pump 1, Two-speed (One-speed with CIRC) • Pump 2, One-speed • CIRC pump, 24hr operation w/1.5°C (3°F) safety shut-off

  • £339.00

    Replacement for the "Paper-clip" or "Trombone" style heater shown in the seventh image. The most common version of this heater in Europe. C3564-3 L6760 IHH-1500-NHCW (If your spa heater is the older version and equipped with a pressure, this is not the heater for you, you need the other version in this section)

  • £33.06

    This hot tub heater element is  3kw. Incoloy 800 metal.  Standard elements are 10" long and terminal distance of 1-1/4" (A Global Standard) All our elements are 220v for fitting into hot tubs across Europe. They fit ALL 15" long tube heaters made by Balboa, Gecko, Hydroquip and many others. Industry Leading 2 year warranty

  • £526.89

    Gecko AEWare IN.XM Spa Pack. 3 pumps with optional blower and circ pump. Identifiable with 2 part numbers : 0601-221105 or PF0601221028 This system replaces the older version 0601-221100

  • £222.25

    Air blower manufactured by CG Air of Canada, known as the Silver blower from their range.