Heater Elements

Heater Elements

Hot tub heater elements are very easy to replace and available in every power rating for the UK and Europe. We were the first company in the UK to offer ALL of the different types and continue to be the largest stockist of elements in Europe. The MOST common type of element is the Standard Style.

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  • Arctic Spa Elements
    This section are for the elements in Arctic Spa heaters. These elements only fit the heaters shown.
  • Centre Terminal
    Hot tub heater elements which have the terminals located centrally are less common than the standard type and you should check to be sure you are buying correctly.
  • Coil
  • Low Flow
    Low Flow heater elements to fit Low Flow or Tank heaters.
  • Plate
  • Standard Style

    The Standard Style of hot tub heater element is the MOST common type and will be found in every 15" heater assembly. They are available in various KW powers for the UK and Europe. All hot tub elements are supplied with new main and top nuts along with Viton seals and remember, all heater elements have a 1-1/4" distance between the terminals. Every standard element will fit and work in heaters over 13" in length - most heaters are 15" Standard metal Incolloy elements are the main type of element fitted to hot tub heaters. We sell hundreds of these each year to retail and wholesale customers. We also sell kits of this element. Our kits are unique in the industry in that we supply a pair of universal heater seals and a a tube of Aladdin lubricant - all at a reduced price in kit form.