PCB's Packs and Panels

PCB's Packs and Panels
Control systems are the brains of the hot tub. Components consist of the hot tub control panel or touchpad, the spa pack containing the circuit board and the heater.

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  • Astrel
    Astrel are the premier European electronics manufacturer. They build systems for bath, hot tubs and pools. Under licence they design and build their own electronics to work existing Gecko products, therefore providing first class build quality with local European support. They have 3 Spa systems : Easy Mini - x1 pump and x1 blower Easy Mini Plus - x2 pumps and x1 blower and a Circ pump (when fitted) Easy Nova - x3 pumps and x1 blower and a Circ pump (when fitted)
  • Balboa
    We have compiled the largest array of Balboa Spa Components anywhere in the World. If you cannot find what you need in these categories, we'll be able to get any off-the-shelf Balboa part in the fastest time and at the best price in Europe. We will Price Pledge against any supplier of Balboa - contact us
  • Correct Tech
    Correct Tech electronics have been used by several manufacturers of spa which have shipped into Europe. Strong Spas and Coast Mountain have both used Correct Tech along with other brands of hot tubs.
  • Gecko
  • Hydro Quip
  • Pres Air
    Presair USA - electronics designer and manufacturer of switching devices for Spas, Hot Tubs and Jetted Tubs. BBA = upto 4 Pumps, Blower, Circ pump, Light , Ozone DSC = x1 Two Speed pump, x1 Single Speed pump OR Blower, Circ Pump, Light, Ozone
  • Retro-Fit Systems
    There are occasions when it's easier and more cost effective to replace the spa pack and control panel in your hot tub. It might be that you have found your hot tub is fitted with a difficult to obtain circuit board or the cost of the replacement circuit board is almost the same as a completely new system. You might be looking to renew an old, outdated system and bring your spa into the modern World with easy to obtain spares for the coming years. To make it easy we have placed a Retro-Fit system capable of running the desired number of pumps in each section. If you are confused with what you need, do not hesitate to contact us for help.
  • Sundance
  • Waterway
    Waterway electronic systems. BRAND NEW FOR 2015 One NEO2100 system pack with expansion daughter boards and colour LCD control panel. The NEO2100 system pack works with ALL control panels, for a no-hassle fitment.